A Quality Heritage

Devon Park is yet another chapter in the portfolio of successful developments that this property developer has achieved.  It was one of the first property development companies to see potential in this part of Canterbury and, in 1996, created the successful privately-funded sewerage system that was the catalyst to "put Rolleston on the map”.  The standards that have been achieved in Rolleston were set by the vision which was established almost 20 years ago, by Devon Park's real estate developer, and evolvement of those standards now result in residential communities being established of the highest calibre. If you are interested in what they are doing, you should take a drive around the area especially Rolleston Hamlet, which has been masterminded by the same real estate developer that is now showcasing Devon Park. You will be impressed by the level of thought that has gone into creating tree-lined streets and peaceful parks, now almost fully established. Given the excellent Templeton silt loam soils of Devon Park it will be no time at all before the Devon Park development enjoys the same leafy feel.

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This is a street worth coming home to...

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Take a drive around Rolleston Hamlet to get a feel for how the Devon Park development will look.