Devon Park rolleston subdivision

A Vision for Devon Park Subdivision, Christchurch

All new developments start with a vision, and Rolleston's Devon Park subdivision, Christchurch is no exception.

Devon Park Estates in Rolleston creates an upmarket comfortable alternative to living in the central city and suburbs, enjoying a rural lifestyle and the superb location within the metropolitan network.

The Devon Park Cantebury subdivision landscaping has been designed by Chris Glasson Architects Ltd and Chris' work is well known internationally and will give effects to the street scape and longevity of protecting your environment into the future.

Devon Park stands aside from other subdivisions in Rolleston, and for your own satisfaction, compare the following:

  • Affordability - compare our prices
  • Location
  • No high density lots
  • Walking distance to Central Business District at Rolleston
  • Most fertile soil in New Zealand 


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Devon Park - the lifestyle people want now. A good example of an established, park-like development in Rolleston Hamlet.

Devon Park subdivision, Christchurch, is clearly the kind of lifestyle people want now. Robin Schulz is the original party catalyst who coined the phrase 'the Town of the Future' for Rolleston in the 1990s, and this is even more relevant now when

  people are looking for that quality land. Every section in the Rolleston subdivision has access to fibre broadband services over Enable’s new network.

Devon Park subdivision Christchurch - Now enabled with fibre broadband! 

Every section in our Canterbury subdivision has access to fibre broadband services over Enable’s new network.  
Fibre broadband is different from traditional copper-based telecommunications services – it will deliver more reliable speeds that are likely to be many times faster than you’re used to. This means you and your family can access new internet-based services and do a lot more online - and fibre broadband plans can start from about the same monthly price as current broadband services, too.



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Fibre broadband - faster and more reliable than ever.

Save on your section and on your build!

One of the many attractive aspects of choosing to invest in this Rolleston subdivision of Devon Park is that these sections offer excellent value for money in two ways. Firstly, the sections are affordable, yet with no skimping on subdivision landscaping. The developer has a reputation for elegant touches such as tree-lined avenues, well-appointed play areas, and plans an English-style leafy effect. Plus, thanks to the stability of the TC1 equivalent terrain, you will save on your build costs, as you won’t need such extensive foundations, keeping your total price realistic and achievable.

The future is now. So why not choose to be part of NZ’s fastest growing region, and claim your slice of this Canterbury subdivision, your part of ‘The Town of the Future’? Be in quick to register your interest and avoid disappointment.



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The English-style leafy effect of Rolleston Hamlet. This is how the latest sections will ultimately look. 


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